• M290 - The Mobile Experience

    $283 for 2-hours

    What better way to entertain guests than to have them mingling in a natural environment and allowing our "Fun Ambassador" to come to them with our Mobile Roaming Photo Booth.




    This never-before-seen concept allows your guests to remain where they are instead of waiting in long lines or moving from location to location to get their photo. All of the same features that are found in the Digital Experience are found in our Mobile Experience - only portable and compact.


    If space is an issue - the Mobile Experience is the answer.


    If timing is a challenge - the Mobile Experience is the answer.


    If budget is a concern - the Mobile Experience is the answer.


    In every instance, the Mobile Experience is a great standalone for cocktail hour or corporate events. it is unobtrusive and a great little conversation starter.


    This steller product is out of this world. Enjoy the fun and frivolity of having our photobooth attendant work the crowd during cocktail hour, corporate hour, happy hour or any hour - up to a total of 2-hours because being so talented wears it out of our attendants. This is a great add-on to any package or a standalone - particularly those couples who are on a limited budget but want something to do to entertain their guests.


    If you are a corporation, this tool is great for you in the fact that you can interact with so many people in such a short time. This is definitely a win-win product for all involved.