• Designing Your Magic Selfie Mirror Experience

    Here are the components that make up a Magic Selfie Mirror experience:


    1. Backdrop: This is the background of the photo. Think Sears Portrait Studio - but 21st century and totally modern. Our backdrop is 8 feet tall and 8 feet wide and accommodates a crowd of about 6-8 people at once. Please note that not all packages come with a backdrop and not all venues allow a backdrop and if you are overwhelmed, we can guide you to what works best.


    2. Print Design/Overlay Template/Frame: This is the frame around the photo. Not like a wooden picture frame, but the design that becomes an overlay on top of the photo taken by the Magic Selfie Mirror. These templates are crafted by our design team in the United Kingdom. The writing on the template is customizable - and would typically include your name, and the date of the event. Every package includes a choice of template frame.


    3. Start Screen/Attract Screen: Think of this as the screen saver that runs when the Mirror isn't taking photos. Everyone gets a standard start screen/attract screen but you can customize it for a nominal fee to have your picture or any wording included. A lot of couples choose a custom photo start screen/attract screen and include their engagement picture.

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  • 1. Select your Backdrop

    These backdrops just simply sizzle! Please Note: All backdrops are subject to availability. We may need to substitute a backdrop if unavailable for your date.


    Please click on the Backdrop and fill out the form.

  • 2. Select your Print Design/Template/Frame/Overlay

    These are your design choices for the actual print that each guest receives. Please choose from the following designs. You will get both a Single Vertical Photo and a Multiple Vertical Photo design.