• Corporate Events

    Promoting Brand Awareness with The Magic Selfie Mirror


    The Magic Selfie Mirror photo booth can help you create maximum brand exposure at your event or product launch. Our Mirror, coupled with your brand is proven to increase online brand presence with instant social sharing utilizing customized hashtags.


    The Corporate Brand Awareness program was born out of a desire to drive engagement with your target audience. Because The Magic Selfie Mirror is completely customizable, teaming up with us will create ongoing marketing content for further use. Our data collection efforts (including email addresses, surveys and telephone numbers) will grow your database of customers and potential customers. We even have a Corporate Sponsorship program for non-profits.


    How It Works

    Here’s how it works. Rather than just "book" The Magic Selfie Mirror, we would partner with your organization on a brand campaign. Our case studies speak for themselves but our team of experts will work with you on the following:

    • brand awareness via customized animated content on the start screen of The Magic Selfie Mirror
    • user engagement with your branded logo on all high quality printed materials handed out at an event
    • a comprehensive GDPR compliant data collection effort through email collection, phone numbers, and survey data
    • enhanced social media sharing with customizable branding via personalized text messages to your clients and potential clients with tap back links to your campaign sites. See Example.
    • branded props featuring your theme, logo, company colors or mascots
    • wrapped and personalized branded mirror frames, backdrops, side panels, guestbooks, and promo materials. 

    Questions to Ask

    • Do you have any conferences or events coming up where you want to engage existing clients or entertain new ones?
    • Do you have any product launches where a customized animation sequence and branded photo printout will be complimentary to maximum brand exposure?
    • Have you organized your office Holiday party or vendor outings?
    • Do you conduct employee retention programs, banquets, golf tournaments or bbq's?
    • Do you work in any industry or environment where a unique method of data collection is needed?
    Take a look at the possibilities that a branded experience will give you:



    In each of these scenarios above, The Magic Selfie Mirror can be positioned to maximize your exposure. The Magic Selfie Mirror is a top event and brand activation product for the modern millennial audience. It is the only photo booth of its kind and it embraces the digital era of what is possible for event technology. The Magic Selfie Mirror is a super fun and engaging user experience for you and your guests - and your company will be one of the very first in the area to have The Magic Selfie Mirror.


    With over 20 years of industry and marketing experience, and over 100 events yearly, you will be in trusted hands.

    Why Choose The Magic Selfie Mirror

    The Magic Selfie Mirror will:

    • create maximum brand exposure at your event
    • drive consumer engagement
    • increase online brand presence with instant social sharing
    • grow your database
    Take a look at our most recent case study so you can see how the Magic Selfie Mirror can meet your corporate needs.

    The Holiday Season is Coming

    The Magic Selfie Mirror or the Mini Stand Elite is a perfect complement to your retail establishment, mall, or corporation. With our Buddy the Reindeer Holiday Concept, your retail establishment will benefit from the following:

    • create ultimate brand awareness
    • engage your customers
    • capture compliant consumer data
    • produce user generated content
    • drive sales
    Take a look at our holiday concept presentation so you can see how the Magic Selfie Mirror can meet your corporate needs.
  • Corporate Trade Shows

    Let us work with you on capturing your vision for your next Trade Show. There is nothing too big we can't create or execute for you!

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    Grow Your Database

    We collect data and survey guests so you don't have to.

    Custom Photo Prints

    Each brand is unique and yours. We create an experience around your brand and theme it to make it match your corporate colors, programs or products.

    Partnership for Fun

    The Magic Selfie Mirror will partner with your organization and bring the fun to any event. Holiday Parties are just one of our specialties. You win, your guests win and your branded photos stay up on the refrigerator for years to come.

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    Our customizations include GDPR data compliant collection, Green Screen, Custom Mirror Wrapping, Social Media Activations and more.