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Vandiver Open House

Venue: Vandiver Inn - April 22, 2018

We love our Vandiver friends. They are so welcoming and accommodating. Sunday was no exception as The Magic Selfie Mirror was invited to be a vendor at their Spring Open House.

It was difficult to see what the most favorite overlay was this time. Each guest that came up to the mirror loved the option to pick from different choices. Our Magic Selfie Mirror even allows guests to take and print traditional photo strips like the ones above.

We do truly believe that it is the combination of props and our stellar booth attendants that bring out the best in people and these are the ones that give us the best photos. Even couples that prefer not to use props still have a wonderful time because the Magic Selfie Mirror takes amazing photos 100% of the time.

When guests choose overlays with more than one photo, the Magic Selfie Mirror combines the photos into an animated GIF that you can then post to social media.

What we love to see is how many Mom's and Dad's get in on the action - proving once and for all that age is just a number - the Magic Selfie Mirror appeals to every age group!

When we asked guests what sets the Magic Selfie Mirror apart from other photo booths, the common answer was the variety of poses and styles. People also mentioned they love the ability to interact with the mirror, signing their names and stamping with emoji.

As the event started to wind down, some of the other vendors stepped up to the Magic Selfie Mirror to give it a try. I am not too sure who had the most fun, the vendors, or the guests. Either way, the poses, the smiles and the laughter heard coming from our location at the Vandiver was worth watching.

The Magic Selfie Mirror can be a great addition to your next party. People are using it as their wedding favor and their guest book, particularly when we supply the guest book as part of our platinum package. Contact us today to see how the Magic Selfie Mirror can be at your next event.

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