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Stewartstown Summer Theater

Venue: Stewartstown Community Center

Over and over and over again we heard "it was a huge hit" tonight as we celebrated with the young folks that represent the cast of the upcoming Stewartstown Summer Theater Production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at the Stewartstown Community Center

The Magic Selfie Mirror Photobooth and the Stewartstown Summer Theater

We love to see how creative people can get with their poses and their props. This group was no exception. Tonight we went with our dynamic overlay. It takes a single pose of the group but then allows the group to swipe through different designs. This type of overlay is really popular in a wedding setting where you have a mix of classy photos and fun party photos, particularly as the night progresses.

The Magic Selfie Mirror and Stewartstown Summer Theater
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Of course our virtual props and emojis were in use as well as the signature feature that allows you to write your name (or add any drawing you like) to your finished photo. This combination truly sets the Magic Selfie Mirror apart from any other photobooth on the market.

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the magic Selfie Mirror photo booth rental in maryland

Even Chewbacca and a dinosaur got into the action. No wonder this was called a hit!

mirror booth props

The production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat runs from August 1-11. Tickets are available now and more information can be found on the Stewartstown Summer Theater Facebook page. If the energy that these young people brought to the event tonight is any indication, you will not want to miss this production.

mirror photo booth rental with the Magic Selfie Mirror photobooth
Stewartstown Summer Theater and the Magic Selfie Mirror
The Magic Selfie Mirror photo booth rental
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