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Stevie Boi - New York Fashion Week

A few months back, The Magic Selfie Mirror received a late night email from a representative of high-end fashion designer Stevie Boi who had requested our services for his New York Fashion Week Show. Of course, The Magic Selfie Mirror loves a good time and is very adventurous so naturally we said yes! Here is a behind the scenes video from his Spring show just to give you a taste of the amazing day that was had.

Normally with big events like this, we bring our entire crew but due to the size of the venue and the popularity of the event, we had to draw names from a hat (a Magic Selfie Mirror prop came in handy) and reduce our numbers to two crew.Our lucky attendants were Kari-Lee and Brittany who jumped at the chance for a trip to New York City during Fashion week.

The Magic Selfie Mirror photo booth fun props

There is no better partnership than runway models, celebrities and a large 6-foot, beautiful Magic Selfie Mirror that captures the essence of the person - then prints out a picture on the spot.

Beautiful models at Stevie Boi's Pink Factory at Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City
Bianca Bonnie from VH1's Love & Hip Hop: New York at the Pink by Stevie Boi product launch during Fall 2018 New York Fashion Week
The Magic Selfie Mirror at New York Fashion Week for Stevie Boi
photo booth fun at the Pink by Stevie Boi event for New York Fashion Week

The event was a true success for Stevie Boi - it was his biggest product launch yet. We had recording artists come by for their turn with The Magic Selfie Mirrror, New York's finest designers, MUA's, stylists and models.

fashion on display in front of The Magic Selfie Mirror photo booth
Recording Artist Sydney Rhame from Cherion Records
singer, songwriter, storyteller, producer and performer - Hunter Hooligan in front of The Magic Selfie Mirror
Cherion Records Performing Artist d.b. Ricapito, famous for his song California King in front of The Magic Selfie Mirror photo booth
Founder of Phoenix Risen Studios - Logan Curtis with The Magic Selfie Mirror photo booth at New York Fashion Week

The show was produced by Phoenix Risen Studios who know how to throw a party. Their attention to detail was immaculate! When chatting with Stevie Boi on the phone, we got to know his likes and dislikes. Pink of course is the brand he was showing off, but his other favorite color is chrome so we went with our large 8x8 simulated velvet pillow background. With so many people in attendance, we had to limit the time in front of The Magic Selfie Mirror (which is the best part of this mirror photo booth - the customization). Ultimately we landed on the Dynamic Swipe feature that allows guests to choose their frame. Three designs later and we had guests gushing at the interactive touch and swipe feature.

gorgeous models strutting their stuff for Stevie Boi Pink Factory in front of The Magic Selfie Mirror

Every guest gets unlimited prints for all of our packages and they can post their pics to social media via our texting feature. It was awesome at the end of the night to see how so many people uploaded their photo to Instagram at the event.

So many companies and people worked really hard to represent Stevie Boi. The vendor team was huge but major thanks go to: Phoenix Risen Studios, Patchology, 2x The Service LLC, Cloud 9 Exotics, The Ultimate Bow, SLUSTV, Getty Images, Pink Pewter, Clutch Visuals, Heather King Professional and our models Jeana Turner, Bianca Bonnie and Krystyana

Our online gallery is the best way to view all of our photos from the evening. If you know you need The Magic Selfie Mirror in your life, contact us or check our availability.

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