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Scott and Bess

Venue: The Vandiver Inn, Havre de Grace, Maryland

When The Magic Selfie Mirror met Bess and Scott at the Vandiver Inn Open House in April, we fell instantly in love. They are such a beautiful couple and so genuine and very complimentary. It was a natural fit that The Magic Selfie Mirror was part of their special day. Today, we were part of the GOLD partnership package with Jenny Z Mobile DJ Service - a truly awesome DJ!

The Magic Selfie Mirror at The Vandiver Inn in Havre de Grace, Maryland

Scott and Bess have a love for all things Doctor Who. Their theme color was blue and they love Van Gogh's Starry Night so we incorporated all of their desires into our theme. This photo was a two pose 4 x 6 printout with a sepia filter applied. As part of the GOLD package, guests can have up to four different poses (depending on crowd size) so we were fortunate to offer them all four - a single pose, double pose, triple pose and photo strips.

A single pose with The Magic Selfie Mirror - Maryland's home of the Mirror Booth
High end props and smiles all around at the Vandiver Inn with The Magic Selfie Mirror
Virtual Props in use with The Magic Selfie Mirror in Maryland

Even though the guest count was a small and intimate affair, we were informed by out attendants that The Magic Selfie Mirror was busy with taking photos the entire night. This remains the number one reason that The Magic Selfie Mirror exists - because when the Mirror's owners got married - they had lots of great photos of themselves, but not a lot of their guests. The Magic Selfie Mirror fixes all of that, particularly with our added scrapbook option included in the PREMIUM plan.

Photos oooth fun with The Magic Selfie Mirror in Maryland

Even the Vandiver Staff and DJ Jenny Z got in on the Photo booth action at the tail end of the night with their group photo.

The Magic Selfie Mirror at the Vandiver Inn, Maryland

All in all, we could not be happier than to share in this special day with The Snells. Congratulations Bess and Scott. Thank you for inviting us and we truly loved every minute of the journey with you. We wish you a lifetime of happiness. If you need The Magic Selfie Mirror in your life, now is the time to make contact. Space is running out for this year and 2019 and even 2020 are starting to fill up. Don't hesitate - check availability today or text us at 443-987-6714.

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