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Samantha and Adam

When you are the Magic Selfie Mirror, you get to party with the big kids downtown. Last night, our journey took us to the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront to celebrate with Samantha and Adam as the two became one. This was our third event in a row, rounding out a spectacular weekend, but the best was saved for last because Samantha and Adam truly knew how to throw a party.

Everyone was dressed so nicely. The bride looked absolutely stunning and there was just so much love in the room throughout the entire evening. We matched the mood and went with our classier prop pack to help celebrate with guests.

Our lovely bride told us she had so much fun working with our design team on photo layouts. She selected the 1 pose dynamic frame (which gives people choices on which photo frame to print), 2 pose photobooth strips and the 3 pose. By far, the most popular selection of the night was the 3-pose layout.

We also worked with Samantha to pick the right backdrop for the evening. She selected the silver sequined fabric that just looked so adorable behind such beautiful people.

There were so many highlights to the night. Whether it was the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront staff, who helped us get the Magic Selfie Mirror indoors and up to the 4th floor, Erin, the Day of Coordinator who executed events flawlessly, the videography that Joe took for Just Hitched Wedding Films or the dynamic photography by Trans4mationPhotography. My personal favorite (beyond the exceptional braised steak meal) was seeing such joy on the faces of everyone who attended, no matter the age.

Our attendants will tytpically get a hug from the bride and groom at the end of the night, but last night, i think there were about 7-8 extra hugs given. Samantha and Adam were truly so happy and such a delight to work with. There truly was #LatzoflovefortheDarvicks

We can't let the night pass without mentioning the beautiful start screen that the Magic Selfie Mirror design team created. The photo was supplied by Trans4mationPhotography and our design team did the rest. This is available in our Premium package and is becoming even more popular with couples.

When one of the bridesmaids saw the Magic Selfie Mirror and said "hey, I've seen this on TV on Bridezilla's" our night was made. We were smiling from ear to ear, our guests were beaming and and dancing, our bride and groom were happy and we left floating on air. It was THE perfect end to a wonderful weekend. Congratulations Samantha and Adam. Our online gallery will show you all of the happy smiling people that celebrated Samantha and Adam.

If you have a Baltimore wedding planned or already on the books, take a minute to consider adding The Magic Selfie Mirror to your event. Check our availability, read our blog and contact us today.

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