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Rockfield Manor Bridal Showcase

Today we took the mirror to visit our vendor friends at the Rockfield Manor Bridal Showcase. Both Jenny Z Mobile DJ Service and the Magic Selfie Mirror got to talk to over 50 couples.

Our most popular overlay was the the circle frame slightly beating the Ravens theme. With your event, photo designs (overlays) like these below are custom made to match your theme and desires.

Our premium props were a hit, particularly with our St. Patricks day kit which includes the snazziest green glasses around and everyone loved the ability to text their creation from the mirror to their cellphone for instant social sharing!

So many times we heard giggling and laughing with a lot of people saying they've never seen anything like this before.

We can't thank the Rockfield Manor staff enough for their hospitality and warm customer service. We look forward to making this an annual tradition.

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