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Quin and Christina's Graduation

Venue: Stewartstown Community Center

We were fortunate enough to stumble upon this little gem of a venue a few weeks back when we were celebrating our daughters birthday. Of course, when your parents own the Magic Selfie Mirror, its a given it will be used at every birthday.  One conversation led to another and Sean (who is the venue custodian) wanted the Magic Selfie Mirror for his kids graduation which happened this past weekend.

The Magic Selfie Mirror at the Stewartstown Community Center

Both children graduated from York Catholic High School. One is headed to Wilkes University and the other to Millersville. Naturally, it made sense to have an overlay that incorporated the three school logos.

Magic Selfie Mirror Premium Props

Our Premium props, including the ever popular Maskimals, were fully used along with our graduation pack. Our two attendants - Nicole and Brittany - did a fantastic job of making sure everyone got through the line and you can see that people loved it so much they kept coming back for more and more.

Graduation props and the Magic Selfie Mirror
The Magic Selfie Mirror Photobooth
Doing the Dab in front of the Magic Selfie Mirror photobooth
The Magic Selfie Mirror photo booth

Congratulations Quin and Christina. Best of luck at college and your future endeavors.

Fun with the Magic Selfie Mirror Photo booth

If you are thinking of what to do to keep people entertained at your next event, why not contact us to see how the Magic Selfie Mirror can entertain your crew. As Sean said when he first interacted with the mirror, "there simply is nothing like it at all."

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