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Questions You Should Ask Your 

Photo Booth Vendor

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Before you sign a contract with any photo booth vendor, please make sure you know the following:



We receive a lot of inquiries about the Magic Selfie Mirror. One of the first questions asked is about our cost. In a lot of cases, people find lower prices on Groupon or Thumbtack and think our prices are "crazy". Later (and often just before the event) they find out that the initial quote they received didn't include all the extra "junk" fees that a lot of companies charge.

Check your photo booth company and make sure that things like mileage, delivery, time for setup, idle time, and breakdown, props, scrapbooks, USB drive, extra prints are detailed somewhere. Transparency is key. In most cases, you could end up paying an extra $100 for 100 photos and that adds up. In a typical wedding, you should expect to go through about 1000-1400 prints and if you get a quote for 500 prints, you will then have to either shut the booth down or pay an additional $500-$900 after the fact.

Our rates are fixed and flat and all-inclusive. You get what you get and you don't get upset!


Liability Insurance

You would be very surprised at how many companies skip this important step. While we cannot guarantee that nothing bad is going to happen, the reality is, most places nowadays will require this extra step in place. What does this mean to you? If your venue needs a Certificate of Liability and your photo booth provider does not have one, you are left having to pay for a policy yourself.

There are two types of photo booth operators. Side hustlers and professional operators. Side hustlers won't pay the annual fee for liability insurance, and won't be around to help prevent any messes should they occur. Those who just run a photo booth business on the side will not be willing to pay the costs of having insurance.

The Magic Selfie Mirror photo booth is a wholly owned subsidiary of Musical Enterprises. We have been in business since 1999 and provide complete entertainment solutions including professional DJ's, equipment rental, and the Magic Selfie Mirror. We are fully insured.

Photo Quality

When we first started, we were surprised as to what it takes to capture a great photo booth photo. The right amount of light has to hit at the right time and then the printer has to print a picture quickly and at a high quality that won't fade or rub off as the night wears on.

Ask your photo booth company for a sample. Make sure the physical quality matches what you desire. We use a dye sublimation printer which coats each finished print strip with a permanent finish that won't fade and does this in about 12 seconds.

Equipment Quality

I doubt you would want to spend thousands of dollars on a beautiful wedding reception and venue only to have a makeshift photo booth company plop their gear in the corner and stand out like a sore thumb.

There is a growing trend in the industry toward homemade photo booths or open-air photo booths which is really just a camera and a sheet as a backdrop.

The Magic Selfie Mirror is an elegant free standing mirror that engages your guests from the moment they see it. From the luxurious red carpet look and feel to the finished product , your guests will be treated to a level of elegance never before found with traditional photo booths.

happy couples using The Magic Selfie Mirror


Does your photo booth vendor plan on providing attendants if something goes wrong? Will they be fun and energetic and encourage your guests? Will they help them pick props, help with crowd control and help them capture the perfect print? Or will they sit in the corner, collecting an hourly wage.

Backup Plan

Most companies do not invest in scheduling software or dedicated programs to make sure there are no double bookings. Most fly-by-night photo booth operators do not have a backup printer or computer. Ask your photo booth company what their plan is if all goes wrong. What will they do to make it right for you?

Our Magic Selfie Mirror has a lot of technical moving parts and they sometimes go offline, however, we always have a plan in place that is well documented and proven to ensure that your event runs smoothly.

Photo Booth Fun in Maryland with The Magic Selfie Mirror


Does your photo booth vendor provide responsive customer service? Are there multiple ways to get in contact with them (phone, email, texting, messenger, chat widget)? When you send an email do you get an immediate reply or are you left wondering if they even really care? The Magic Selfie Mirror cares about you - our number is 443-987-6714, our email is booking@themagicselfiemirror. We are present on all social media. We have a chat widget on our website. We have Skype, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and a whole host of other ways you can contact us.

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