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Pond View Farm Tasting

Venue: Pond View Farm

The Magic Selfie Mirror is so lucky to have good vendor friends like the Pond View Farm. Twice a year, we get invited to their Tasting Events. The Pond View Tasting Event is for every couple who have booked their wedding at the Pond View Farm. It gives each couple the opportunity to taste all of the menu items that Pond View Farm has to offer and by the way, the food is absolutely fantastic!

A very select few vendors are also invited to display their offerings. The Magic Selfie Mirror was one of the lucky invitees.

Couples using the Magic Selfie Mirror at the Pond View Farm in White Hall, Maryland

We love events like this, because it allows us to showcase all that the Magic Selfie Mirror has to offer. Every couple that walked up to the mirror fell instantly in love - and it's hard not to. The Magic Selfie Mirror is gorgeous. It prints out the best high quality prints the industry has to offer and can even do traditional photo strips (cut in two) to give to you and your BFF.

Photo Booth Props used with the Magic Selfie Mirror

One of our most favorite features is the animated GIF feature. The Magic Selfie Mirror takes all of the photos taken during one session and combines the photos into a GIF for posting on social media.

Animated GIF and the Magic Selfie Mirror
Magic Selfie Mirror Props
Magic Selfie Mirror Photo booth props
Magic Selfie Mirror Photobooth fun

There truly is no end to what the Magic Selfie Mirror can do. There was so much positive response to the Magic Selfie Mirror and we were fortunate to book several weddings. Hurry and reserve your date now.

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