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Nnenna and Chijioke

Venue: The Waterfall and Claymont

The Magic Selfie Mirror is not just a regular photo booth. We have a design team that works directly with our client (typically the bride and groom) in the weeks leading up to the big event. Chijioke and Nnenna contacted us a week ago to check our availability for Saturday August 4th. We consulted our Magic 8 Ball and we said YES! And then we got to working hard to provide what would take weeks of work, into 7 days or less.

mirror booth rental

This wedding had almost 300 guests, so we called in all the stops, bringing in backup from Delaware - Morgan - and using our husband and wife team of Brittany and Greg - who did a simply fantastic job.

magic selfie mirror photo booth

Nnenna and Chijioke selected our multi-pose format. This gives people a choice between a single-pose, a double-pose and a triple-pose. When guests come up to the mirror, they select their choice an the Magic Selfie Mirror does the rest.

selfie mirror rental
magic selfie mirror
photobooth rental magic selfie mirror

Once the photo, or photos, have been taken the guests can add emoji or virtual props to the final picture.

photo booth mirror rental

Then, it is a matter of texting the photo to your cellphone - where you can post it to your favorite social media platform. The final photo is sent, along with an animated GIF.

photo booth gifs

The final step is our high quality printout - with rich inks, and a perfect coating to keep the memory lasting forever.

The Magic Selfie Photo Booth

If you would like to join Nnenna and Chijioke in our Magic Selfie Mirror fan club, check availability to see if the Magic Selfie Mirror can be yours. Still on the fence? Read our blog, look at our videos, read testimonials from others and just contact us to get those burning questions answered.

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