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Maryland Building Industry Association - MAX Awards Banquet

Venue Location: Martin's West

Among the many talents that the Magic Selfie Mirror possesses is the ability to mingle with a Corporate crowd. In fact, the Magic Selfie Mirror offers a Corporate Sponsorship program for organizations, schools and non-profits so everyone can benefit from having the Magic Selfie Mirror at your event.

Tonight, we were invited to Martin's West for the annual Maryland Building Industry Awards - called Max. Tonight's theme was White Hot Max and everyone was dressed in the most amazing outfits.

The Magic Selfie Mirror at the MBIA Max Awards at Martins West

The way our Corporate Sponsorship works is that a company gets to have full sponsorship of the Magic Selfie Mirror. This is some amazing marketing value because everyone of these photographs end up pinned to a fridge or an office pinboard for years and your corporate logo is right there staring at them.

Tonight, the Magic Selfie Mirror was sponsored by the Bob Lucido Team of Keller Williams Integrity. We cannot thank this team enough for their support of the MBIA and the Max Awards.

Bob Lucido Team sponsorship of the Magic Selfie Mirror

Some of the best of the MBIA were all in one room tonight and you can tell how well these teams get along. The Magic Selfie Mirror is an open booth so we can accommodate as many as can fit in our frame. As you can see below, lots of teams accepted that challenge.

Magic Selfie Mirror and the Bob Lucido team of Keller Williams Integrity
Magic Selfie Mirror photo booth at Martins West in Baltimore, Maryland
Mirror Photo booth Rental
Photobooth rental magic mirror booth
Baltimore Corporate Events

The other neat feature for our guests is the ability to email a copy of the photograph direct to your corporate or personal email address. People loved getting their physical print to keep with them and the email right away in their inbox.

mirror photo booth rental in baltimore maryland

Although our Corporate Sponsorship program offers our Premium Upgraded prop package, you can tell that a lot of our guests loved just getting in front of the mirror exactly as themselves and we are totally ok with that. If you are dressing to the nines, wouldn't you want a high quality printout of you in your outfit?

Bob Lucido Team of Keller Williams Integrity Magic Selfie Mirror

To cap off the night, we also provided a secondary television screen to project live images of all of the photos taken. People loved that and stood around admiring all of the pics as they appeared on the slideshow. And of course, we added those pics to our online gallery and displayed them on the main projection screen at Martins for all to see.

Thank you to the organizing team for including us in this event. We look forward to working with you again in the future. If you are a school, non-profit or organization that sees the value in having the Magic Selfie Mirror at your event, why not consider looking at our Corporate Sponsorship program and contacting us to see how the Magic Selfie Mirror can make your organization money.

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