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Mabel's 5th Birthday

Venue: Pond View Farm

The Magic Selfie Mirror was in attendance at Mabel's 5th Birthday Celebration this past Friday. The birthday party was held at the magnificent Pond View Farm which has earned it's spot as one of our favorite venues because we are treated as family every time we arrive.

Mabel loved our overlay which comprised a purple and pink theme - with a unicorn. Who doesn't love unicorns at that age!

The Magic Selfie Mirror Photo Booth at the Pond View Farm in White Hall, Maryland

The ability to write your name or use emoji on the screen is always so popular and one of the biggest features that sets the Magic Selfie Mirror apart from other photo booths. In this instance, we used a large purple heart as the perfect spot to display each guests artwork. Even the youngest kids loved drawing on the screen.

The Interactive Mirror Photo booth with touch screen drawing

Our props continue to be so popular with guests. It doesn't matter what age you are, there is the perfect prop for everyone.

Props, photo booth fun and the Magic Selfie Mirror in action at the Pond View Farm.
The Magic Selfie Mirror Photo Booth at Pond View Farm
Kids enjoying the Magic Selfie Mirror Photo Booth
The Magic Selfie Mirror Photo Booth at a Birthday Party

When asked about what her favorite thing about her party was, Mabel pointed to the Magic Selfie Mirror. Happy Birthday Mabel and a big thank you to the entire staff at the Pond View Farm who continue to exceed every expectation.

If you would like the Magic Selfie Mirror at your birthday party, don't delay. We have a few weekends remaining for the 2018 season and we are now solidly booking into 2019. Check availability for your date. The Magic Selfie Mirror brings the fun out of everyone.

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