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Girl Scout St. Patrick's Day Dance

Irish Eyes Were Smiling Tonight

We had the luck of the Irish tonight at the Norrisville United Methodist Church as we celebrated St. Patrick's Day for the Girl Scout annual dance sponsored by Troop 5953

We used the Dynamic Overlay feature which allows each guest to swipe through a number of different frames. You can see the three choices below.

GSCM680 St. Patricks Day Dance with the Magic Selfie Mirror
The Magic Selfie Mirror in action
The signature feature and dynamic overlay for the Magic Selfie Mirror

The biggest excitement for guests was the signature feature where guests can touch the interactive screen, use a variety of different color inks and sign their name or use emoji.

The St. Patrick's day themed props were a huge hit: feather boas, crazy hats, over sized ties, wacky glasses and so much more.

Here are some other photos from the event showing how you can sign your name and text the image to your phone.

Magic Selfie Mirror
Magic Selfie Mirror
The Magic Selfie Mirror
The Magic Selfie Mirror in action
The Magic Selfie Mirror
Photobooth Fun

If you want to learn more about the Magic Selfie Mirror, send us a text at 443-987-6714 or email

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