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Event Recap: Vera's 50th Surprise

Pulling off a surprise party is no easy feat but Dwayne put in the effort and it was worth every bit for his lovely wife Vera as she celebrated 50 years of being fabulous!

A beautifully decorated hall, a catered dinner, a professional photographer, music, cake, a special presentation and a fun game of “let’s make a deal” which involved the gift of a new car!

No detail was left out. Vera was truly treated like a Queen and she was overwhelmed with joy to see friends from past and present, as well as family, gathered for this occasion.

She was especially touched to see the scrapbook that the Magic Selfie Mirror made for her all of the event photos and guest signatures wishing her happy birthday blessings. And man, did her guests love this Mirror!

Several folks came back again and again to get their self portraits and then photos with groups of friends or family. So much fun, everyone kept commenting that they’d never seen anything like it!

Thank you Gleeton family for allowing us to capture such wonderful memories for a beautiful birthday girl!

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