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Event Recap: Innovative Discovery Holiday Party

We love word of mouth and we love repeat business. Our clients are so incredibly important to us. In this instance, we were invited to be part of the Innovative Discovery Holiday Party by one of the wedding planners who had seen The Magic Selfie Mirror at at wedding we did earlier this year.

Innovative Discovery and The Magic Selfie Mirror

We worked with our client to make sure everything was perfect for the evening - including our winter themed backdrop, Santa and Snowman Maskimals, and light up bauble necklaces. It was amazing to see so many people participate in the merriment.

LeMeridian Arlington and The Magic Selfie Mirror
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We worked with our design team to customize the font, and design of the print. It was so important to our client that the image remain free of corporate logos so that people can use this print as their Christmas photo.

corporate holiday parties

The venue was amazing in their attention to detail, their food and custom service. The desserts were equally amazing. All in all, the event was very relaxed, very casual and well received by the hard working employees of Innovative Discovery.

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