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Event Recap: Coppin State Campus Appreciation Day (Mini Stand)

Venue: Coppin State University

The rain could not hold back excitement for the Coppin State University Campus Appreciation Day Event, held today on their campus.

Magic Selfie Mini Stand at Coppin State University

Our Magic Selfie Mini Stand made it's debut and it was a clear winner from the get-go! We could not be happier with the response we received and we are super excited to share with you what this amazing product can do.

Magic Selfie Mini Stand at Coppin State University
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The Magic Selfie Mini Stand is a digital only product that takes stunning photos, GIF's and fast moving Burst Boomerangs! Oh my gosh - it is so much fun to see the students, AND the Faculty get in on the action and show off their moves.

boomerang gif photo booth
Coppin state university

Once a guest picks their experience, they can also choose from an assortment of digital props. The Magic Selfie Mini Stand uses state of the art facial recognition and places the digital prop exactly where it needs to go - every time!

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In just a few short hours, we had over 100 people come up to the Mini Stand, and then share their photo with the world. All photos are kept in an online gallery and guests can share their creation with instagram, email, or text message.

Magic Selfie Mini Stand at Coppin State University

Coppin State reported that it was a huge success. You can tell - the smiles are contagious. If you are a corporation, academic institution or organization looking for a branded experience, consider the Magic Selfie Mini Stand. There is so much this thing can do! Call a brand ambassador today to see how this product can work for your event needs.

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