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Event Recap: Chris and Amanda

The Sinking Springs Herb Farm at Bristoll Plantation was the backdrop for Chris and Amanda's wedding reception held last weekend, and The Magic Selfie Mirror was there to bring the fun!

Chris and Amanda choose a dynamic swipe overlay - and worked with our design team to create three distinct Fall designs for guests to choose from. Overwhelmingly, and rightly so, the Autumn Leaves design was the most popular.

The Magic Selfie Mirror at Sinking Spring Herb Farm
Dynamic Overlay with The Magic Selfie Mirror
photo booth fun in Elkton, Maryland

The neatest part of the event was the custom keychains that our couple chose as an add-on item. When they approached us with the idea, we knew exactly what they needed and got to work right away on producing the perfect wedding favor for guests.

Personalized keychains from The Magic Selfie Mirror

Amanda's parents run A&M Tent Event Rentals so on the night in question we were all set up to have The Magic Selfie Mirror setup inside the tent. For maximum guest experience though, it is desirable to have at least a 10x10 space and preferably a 15x15 space as this video walkthrough shows. As a result, we decided to have The Magic Selfie Mirror outside. It was not ideal because sunlight catches the mirror during the day and bugs set off the mirror at night (it is an interactive touchscreen magic selfie mirror when all is said and done) however our attendants Brittany and Nicole are trained professionals and knew exactly what to do to maximize guest enjoyment. And boy, did the guests enjoy themselves!

Sinking Spring Herb Farm and The Magic Selfie Mirror Photo Booth
Family fun with a photo booth

We loved the catering staff at Beefalo Bobs who really took great pleasure in serving everyone and making sure the entire event was a huge success. We would highly recommend their catering service if you are in the market for mouth-watering on-site catering of the BBQ kind.

All in all, we cannot say thank you enough to Chris and Amanda for their generosity and their desire to have The Magic Selfie Mirror at their event. Thank you for allowing us to share in your special day. For more information on The Magic Selfie Mirror, contact us and we will be sure to answer all of your questions.

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