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Event Recap: Caitlin and Chris

Venue: The Barn at Pleasant Acres

We cannot lie, we just loved EVERY aspect of Caitlin and Chris' wedding at The Barn at Pleasant Acres in St. Leonard, Maryland. Caitlin was at a wedding in Baltimore last summer when she first saw The Magic Selfie Mirror and she instantly fell in love. She knew she needed it at her wedding and of course we said yes!

Magic Selfie Mirror Photo Booth Rental Maryland

In January, The Magic Selfie Mirror received both an internal and external makeover. We have new upgraded software on the inside and a brand new lighting rig accentuating the exterior. Suffice to say, The Magic Selfie Mirror has never looked better and looked so good inside the barn.

The Barn at Pleasant Acres - St. Leonard, Maryland
Magic Selfie Mirror Photo Strips

Caitlin and Chris pulled out all the stops to make their wedding a truly magnificent affair. The venue was amazing, the food incredible and the fun was over the top. One of the newer features is the ability to transpose a photo onto either a wanted poster or magazine cover. We continue to be impressed with some of the photos we have seen.

Photo Booth Magazine Cover
Photo Booth Wanted Poster

Regarding the other overlays, we went with a single photo, photo strips and a triple pose. The guys' vests were a red tartan and we matched with our printed overlay.

The Magic Selfie Mirror Photo Booth

We are so thankful to Caitlin and Chris for their hospitality and generosity. We loved this event and wish you both the very best of happiness.

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