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Event Recap: ABC Chesapeake Shores Holiday Gala

The Magic Selfie Mirror team were treated to the most amazing night of fun last Friday as we celebrated 60 years of excellence with ABC Chesapeake Shores at the lovely Westin Annapolis.

The Magic Selfie Mirror photo booth at the Westin Annapolis

There were so many highlights of the evening. To begin with, all of the people were dressed so elegantly. They all looked amazing and beautiful. And The Magic Selfie Mirror captured their beauty. We didn't even need to apply our "automagic" beauty filter for this event.

Holiday Party at the Westin Annapolis

Secondly the food and customer service from the folks at the Westin. The catering was beyond compare. You felt like you were taken care of from the moment you entered the main ballroom.

Celebrating a corporate event with The Magic Selfie Mirror

The attention to detail that the folks at ABC Chesapeake Shores applied to all of the details, the decorating and the ballroom itself was amazing. The Magic Selfie Mirror with our red carpet, silver stanchions and deluxe oversized backdrop looked right at home.

glamour at the ABC Holiday Gala

When working with the client, we wanted to capture the event in a unique way. As with all corporate client events, we custom tailor the event to meet their needs. In this case, we were celebrating 60 years of excellence so we were able to incorporate their logo into our final design. Our design team can work wonders with every client need. We went with a dynamic swipe for the individual photo, as well as traditional photo strips. With 250 guests present, we needed to make sure everyone got the best experience with The Magic Selfie Mirror as well as opportunities to work the mirror. Over 100 photos were taken and most had 2 or 3 people in the pose so we can safely say we captured everyone who wanted their photo. We also had our television monitor display and scrapbook which were both huge hits.

The Magic Selfie Mirror corporate events
The Magic Selfie Mirror Westin Annapolis

We have saved the best for last though, on top of the food, the glamour, the interactive photo booth experience, the decor, the red carpet and so much more, we were all treated to a concert performance by The Reagan Years. If you are in the Baltimore area (or pretty much anywhere on the East Coast), you have likely heard about this 80's Tribute band. They perform regularly at all of the top venues including Ram's Head. They were brilliant to listen to and watch. We can't wait to see them again.

Christmas Corporate Holiday Parties

Congratulations to the entire team for putting on this gala. Thank you for the invite and we look forward to working with you again next year.

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