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When Chris first called The Magic Selfie Mirror to inquire about having us at her wedding, we knew we would hit it off. She knew just the right questions to ask and I had a feeling that she might be a professional Photo Booth user!!!! She was indeed and in fact, on the night of her wedding, she said if posing in front of The Magic Selfie Mirror was an Olympic Sport, she would win GOLD!

The Magic Selfie Mirror in Baltimore

Our attendants really enjoyed the intimate atmosphere that the Vollmer Center at Cylburn Arboretum had to offer. It ended up being a really good match for The Magic Selfie Mirror. Guests enjoyed dinner and dancing inside the reception space and The Magic Selfie Mirror was positioned just outside in the downstairs lobby.

Although there were only 65-guests at the wedding, The Magic Selfie Mirror had a huge appeal and we were kept busy for the entire 3-hours we were there.

photo booth fun with The Magic Selfie Mirror

Chris and Jose had a lot of fun providing input and design of the printed overlay. In this instance, we selected a single pose, double pose, and triple pose.

High quality photo booth props

In the double and triple pose, guests get an animated gif sent to their phones, along with the original high-quality image for them to post on social media. The gifs are my favorite part to review at the end of the night.

Photo booth Magic Selfie Fun

All of our high-quality props were in use during the evening as well. Our biggest hit was our wedding sign package - brides, grooms and their guests really love the way the non-reflective material shows in the finished photo.

The Magic Selfie Mirror Photo Booth Baltimore

The Vollmer Center was a very accommodating venue for both guests and The Magic Selfie Mirror. If you are still in the venue selection stage, our list of the 5 top venues that are a perfect match for The Magic Selfie Mirror is an informative read. If you have your venue selected, the next thing to do is lock in your date for The Magic Selfie Mirror and of course if you have any questions, contact us. We are here when you need us.

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