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Cara and Dane

It was a night to remember when Cara and Dane celebrated their new life together at one of the newest wedding venues in Harford County - Stone Ridge Hollow.

Triple pose overlay with The Magic Selfie Mirror photo booth

Our guests loved the choice between a single pose and a triple pose. In fact, in the over 50 plus events we have done this year, we have found that the single and the triple pose are the crowd favorites (something to keep in mind as you are planning how to best use The Magic Selfie Mirror at your event).

The Magic Selfie Mirror photo booth

Our bride and groom supplied the background - a popular mermaid sequin design - and we think it complimented The Magic Selfie Mirror perfectly. An awesome part of The Magic Selfie Mirror is the open air nature - allowing multiple guests to have their selfie

Happy guests at the Stone Ridge Hollow wedding with The Magic Selfie Mirror.

With all PREMIUM packages, you work with our designers on a custom "Touch To Start" screen. This could be an engagement photo, a theme, or pretty much anything that can be simply animated. In our start screen tonight, we incorporated the couples wedding logo and we think it turned out awesome.

One of the neater parts of tonight is that the couple elected to go with minimal props. This is popular when you want to feature the family and focus on the people. However, The Magic Selfie Mirror is touch-screen interactive and the mother of the groom loved drawing hearts using the draw on final photo feature.

The Magic Selfie Mirror Photo booth at Stone Ridge Hollow in Forest Hill, Maryland
The Magic Selfie Mirror in Forest Hill, Maryland
Wedding photo booth fun with The Magic Selfie Mirror

Whether it is a classy affair, a themed event, or a boozy party, The Magic Selfie Mirror is adaptable to your needs, backed with solid customer service and attendants that work with your guest and are involved - all night long. Congratulations Cara and Dane. Thank you for having The Magic Selfie Mirror at your wedding. If you would like to experience what Cara and Dane did tonight, contact us or check availability. We would love to celebrate with you.

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