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Ashlyn's Sweet 16

The Magic Selfie Mirror was on FIRE last night at Ashlyn's Sweet 16 Birthday Party.

The Magic Selfie Mirror Photobooth

Approximately 80 girls struck a pose in front of the mirror at Hawks Hollow Farm in Kingsville, Maryland.

Ashlyn and her friends loved the dynamic overlays (which allows each guest to swipe through different frames) and by an overwhelming margin the Glittering Gold overlay was the most popular.

All of these young ladies loved our prop selection and completely went wild at the sight of the Maskimals which continue to be a huge hit!

Maskimals and the Magic Selfie Mirror

Because this was a birthday at a farm, no event would be complete without some live animals - so one of the pictures featured a chicken that got in on the action.

Photobooth Fun
maskimals with the Magic Selfie Mirror
Texting from the Magic Selfie Mirror
Using emojis with the Magic Selfie Mirror

We used the preview feature in the mirror workflow along with the texting feature which allows guests to make sure they were framed perfectly (which as you know is important to a 16 year old) before signing and printing their photos.

Perhaps the best aspect of the night, and something to consider when selecting the mirror for your next event, is that each guest went through the mirror multiple times, choosing different props and overlays each time.

If you are on the fence about having the Magic Selfie Mirror at your wedding, party or event, just look at this video and see the smiles on everyone's face! The Magic Selfie Mirror is truly infectious. Contact Us today to learn how to secure this beautiful mirror for your date.

The Mirror brings families together. Here is Ashlyn on the right and her mother on the left!

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