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5 Maryland Venues Perfect For

a Photo Booth.

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This may come as a total shock to you, but The Magic Selfie Mirror is not everyone's cup of tea. We know - that is such a wild claim to make. In fact, not all venues are equipped for photo booths - either because they are designed for a different type of audience or there are space considerations. The Magic Selfie Mirror has lots of venue friends. We have been around the great state of Maryland, and we have seen what works and, quite frankly, what doesn't. Here is our roundup of the 5 Maryland Venues perfect for a Photo Booth.

Number 5: Four Seasons

Coming in at Number 5 on the list is the wonderful Four Seasons in Baltimore. We love Baltimore but so many venues in Baltimore are not Mirror Photo Booth friendly. The Four Seasons is - from a space standpoint and a vendor standpoint. They truly know how to cater to The Magic Selfie Mirror. May we suggest that you find a corner spot in a lobby area for the perfect mirror placement. That way, guests can come to the bar, grab a drink, take their photo and head back to dance. It gives everyone a great break from being in the same room all night. The Four Seasons in Baltimore has amazing views as well, so contact them today and ask for a tour.

The Four Seasons Hotel in Baltimore, Maryland. A glamorous photo booth friendly venue.

Number 4: Martin's Valley Mansion

The venue that takes the Number 4 place on the list is Martin's Valley Mansion in Hunt Valley, Maryland. Everyone who has lived in Maryland knows about Martins. Chances are you have had an event at Martin's East or Martin's West. Well, look no further than Martins Valley Mansion. This venue is gorgeous with ample parking and easy access for all guests. They are so accommodating to outside vendors too. You won't have any trouble working with their coordinators to ensure you and your guests have a glorious time. We again recommend the lobby area for The Magic Selfie Mirror, but because of the generous size of their ballrooms, we can easily fit into the dining space and still have room for dancing, just like we did at this recent event.

Martin's Valley Mansion in Hunt Valley, Maryland

Martin's Valley Mansion gives you an event coordinator and well dressed butlered staff who have always been friendly.

Number 3: Stone Ridge Hollow

We would be lying if we didn't tell you we had a soft spot for our neighbor around the corner. One of Maryland's newest venues, Stone Ridge Hollow, is located in Forest Hill, right near our corporate office. It's so convenient, but it is also a gorgeous venue for guests. Featuring an upstairs reception location and downstairs cocktail space, Stone Ridge Hollow has it all. Take a quick look at this recent drone footage, taken by In Frame Productions, to see for yourself.

Because upstairs is road level, The Magic Selfie Mirror fits brilliantly. We tuck away in the far right corner and that leaves the beautiful double-door view for guests to admire. There is plenty of room for guests to mingle, for a DJ to spin tunes and for dinner to happen - all in the same space. Being relatively new, they also are very accommodating to wedding parties. I have seen the owner go to great lengths to make their couples happy.

Stone Ridge Hollow, Barn Venue in Forest Hill. Interior pic. courtesy of Matt Gruber photography.

Number 2: The Vandiver Inn

There are two venues where The Magic Selfie Mirror just shines, and they happen to be Numbers 1 and 2 on our list. Coming in at Number 2 is the Vandiver Inn in Havre DeGrace, Maryland. Wow. Without over exaggerating, The Vandiver Inn is the spot to be to host an intimate wedding. Nestled halfway between both Philadelpia and the DMV (Washington DC area) The Vandiver Inn is so incredibly beautiful. They take time to get to know their guests and they will bend over backwards to make you feel welcome and loved. We partner with Jenny Z Mobile DJ Service and they get to DJ a lot at this venue. It is their second home. It has become home to The Magic Selfie Mirror as well. We had a product launch party there in the spring and we have had great success with events there this year. We pop right into the back of the pavilion and we are close to everything, but not too intrusive. We fit perfectly with the ambiance and the intimacy that The Vandiver Inn creates and we just love it there.

An exterior view of Vandiver Inn. Photography credit: High Contrast Photography

The Vandiver courtyard is also a great place to sit back and relax in between dinner and dancing and the interior of the mansion itself is also well worth a look - the photos on the walls tell such a great story. We love the Vandiver Inn and we think you will too. It is a truly perfect venue for The Magic Selfie Mirror.

An interior view of Vandiver Inn. Photograph credit: High Contrast Photography

Number 1: Pond View Farm

Drumroll please...our Number one Magic Selfie Mirror friendly venue is Pond View Farm in White Hall, Maryland. We first found Pond View Farm about 7 years ago and we have seen the owners invest their heart and soul into making this the PREMIERE barn venue in Maryland. Pond View Farm is everything you could imagine and more. It must be because they are booked solid through 2020 and have brides ready to hand them deposits for 2021 as soon as they open that calendar. Perhaps it is the affable charm of the owners, the uniqueness of the barn venue, the magnificent pond, the high level of customer service and attention to detail or the location itself! We can't name just one thing that sets Pond View Farm apart from the rest, because there are so many things that end up in the plus column for them. The Magic Selfie Mirror loves being there. Guests love being there. DJ's love being there. A whole host of other wedding vendors all love it there as well and we hear from couples all the time about how it is just perfect for them. Check these pics out for yourself and try telling me you don't instantly fall in love.

Pond View Farm in White Hall, Maryland
Pond View Farm - a beautiful wedding venue
The pond at Pond View Farm. Photography credit:
Pond View Farmhouse in White Hall, Maryland

So there you have it - 5 Maryland Venues Perfect For a Photo Booth. Be sure to check these venues out if you are on the hunt for a perfect Maryland wedding venue and if you are still in the hunt for the perfect photo booth, consider how amazing The Magic Selfie Mirror can be at your next event.

Editors note: The blog post is called 5 Maryland Venues Perfect For a Photo Booth. It would be a shame not to give an honorable mention to Pine Ridge farm, who are based just across the border in Pennsylvania. They are a beautiful venue with exceptional customer service and well worth a look. They are just across the Maryland border in Stewartstown, Pennsylvania. We love how quaint this venue is. It is the quintessential barn venue coupled with amazing customer service.

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