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4 Unique Ways To Thank Your Wedding Guests with Wedding Favors

Crab mallets - check! Beer coozies - check! Homemade apple butter - check! Personalized stemless wine glasses - check! Flip-flops - check!

All of these items above have one thing in common - they are traditional wedding favors that Maryland Couples like to give out at a wedding. So much so, that in our corporate office, we have a bucket of beer coozies and crab mallets.

When we first started working in the wedding industry back in 1999, we knew there was a more unique way to thank guests so here is our round-up of the four unique ways to thank your guests instead of a traditional favor.

4. Lottery Tickets

Wouldn't it be awesome if one of your guests struck gold on your wedding day? We couldn't believe our eyes when we saw Lottery Tickets as the wedding favor some years back and boy was it a huge hit with the guests. Of course, there are very tasteful ways to package these and some ribbon with a glued on penny (as your scratcher) and complete the design with a play on words like "for richer or poorer" and you have yourself a winning wedding favor.

3. Caricature Artist

Several years ago, I was at an event and there was a caricature artist there. It took me several beverages to pluck up the courage to get my caricature done, but the artist did such a wonderful job. He talked to me during the entire time, asking me questions about myself and during that time, I just thought he was a nice guy. Little did I know that he was incorporating our conversation into the caricature of me. I was very impressed and I think about that event with rather fond memories to this day.

2. Massages

Yes, believe it or not, a foot massage, or back and neck massage is the ideal gift to give wedding guests. We first met Steve from Sole Healing at the MWPA 2012 wedding expo and we knew that is what we wanted at our wedding. They did such a great job to entertain our guests and prior to the ceremony, they provided a nice relaxing foot massage for the bride and groom (in their respective quarters - waiting for the ceremony to begin). It really set the tone and as dancing continued throughout the reception, it was great to take just a few minutes break and get a quick massage before hopping back out on the dancefloor again.

1. Keychains

This to me is the gift that keeps on giving. it is one that stays with you everywhere you go and it is a perfect reminder of the special day you spent with that bride and groom at their nuptials. A keychain is used daily and it is a very practical gift. The image below is one we did for a recent wedding. We have also had requests for fridge magnets as well.

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